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We warmly invite you to enjoy the Fox Gentle Dentistry experience. Learn more about us or read below for more information about the services we offer here in our dental clinic.

At Fox Gentle Dentistry, we accept major insurance carriers and Care Credit for financing. To learn more about Care Credit, go to www.carecredit.com.

Our Equipment and Technology

Laser Dental TreatmentsLaser Technology

We’re happy to be one of the few dentists in the Milwaukee area to offer lasers for the treatment of our patients. We have a full compliment of lasers to treat both hard and soft tissue. The hard tissue laser removes decay from teeth and prepares them for restoration. The soft tissue laser aids in treatment of periodontal disease and non-surgical removal of lesions. An added bonus to having laser technology in our dental office is often being able to treat patients without the use of anesthetic.

Diagnostic tools

Fox Gentle Dentistry uses advanced, modern technological tools to help diagnose a variety of dental problems, including lasers, digital x-rays, and intraoral cameras. Our use of intraoral cameras enables patients to see the problems the doctor sees. Also, cracks in the tooth surface that are difficult to see can many times be detected in the magnified image from the camera.

Oral Cancer Screening

FGD has always been dedicated to your oral and overall health. With each comprehensive exam, a thorough evaluation of all oral tissues is completed to aid in early detection of diseases, such as cancer.

Digital X-Ray

The digital x-ray has many benefits, including much lower radiation than film, immediate images, no chemical processing and many patients find the digital x-rays more comfortable. In our dentist office we are then able to store the images for future reference and easily share with other specialists, such as orthodontists, if needed.

Digital Panoramic X-ray

Our digital panoramic x-ray unit makes it possible for Fox Gentle Dentistry to take an x-ray of your entire mouth in one large image. These panoramic images are extremely useful when evaluating patient's wisdom teeth or their bone structure and tooth location for possible orthodontic treatment.

The Wand Anesthesia System

The Wand computer assisted anesthesia delivery system is significantly more comfortable than the traditional syringe method. The Wand controls the flow rate and pressure of the anesthesia during the injection. Rapid onset reduces time and patient comfort reduces anxiety.

Dental Procedures

Initial Exam

All new patients who visit Fox Gentle Dentistry receive a complete oral exam by Dr. Nim. She will use full mouth x-rays, perio charting and a visual exam to evaluate the health of every patient's mouth. A complete oral cancer screening will be done to check for any lesions, swelling, or color changes which may indicate a problem area.

Toothbrushes and Dental Hygiene - New Berlin, WI

Periodic Exam

One key to good oral health is regular dental exams. When our patients return for their periodic cleanings they also receive a thorough exam of their teeth, bone levels and soft tissues. We use only modern, low dosage x-ray units and limit x-rays taken to only those that are necessary.


When decay does occur, Fox Gentle Dentistry can offer you the option of either the traditional 'silver' restoration or the tooth colored resin restoration. We now have the technology to put resin restorations in molars. Not only are these restorations more attractive, but they are also more structurally sound due to the fact that they bond directly to the natural tooth structure.

Bridges and Partial or Full Dentures

When restoring areas in your mouth where teeth are missing, Fox Gentle Dentistry can do so with either a removable partial/full denture or a bridge that is cemented in place. Depending on the configuration of your remaining teeth, Dr. Nim will determine the restorative technique that is best for you.


Teeth that require extraction can be removed painlessly here at Fox Gentle Dentistry under local anesthetic. Most fully erupted teeth can be removed by Dr. Nim; however, if a referral is necessary we have several specialists in whom we have great confidence.

Gingivitis, Perio and Soft Tissue Disease

Gingivitis and periodontal disease has been shown to cause more problems than bleeding gums and bad breath. Heart disease and low birth weight babies are only a few of the medical conditions associated with periodontal disease. The team of hygienists at Fox Gentle Dentistry have extensive training in soft tissue management programs. These non-surgical treatment options have been very successful in treating gingivitis and periodontal disease with the patient taking an active role in their own treatment.


Today's technology now allows for areas where teeth are missing to be replaced by dental implants. Fox Gentle Dentistry doctors work closely with one of our preferred specialists to determine who is a good candidate for implants. The specialist will place a small metal titanium screw below the gum line. Over time the screw will fuse with the bone and serve as the base for specially designed crowns or bridgework.

Inlays, Onlays and Crowns

If an inlay, onlay or crown is needed to restore your tooth properly, Fox Gentle Dentistry is able to do the preparations necessary for our lab to process the restorative prosthetic. Porcelain coverings will be matched with the shade of your existing teeth. In addition to the appointment needed to prepare the tooth a second appointment will be needed to cement the crown, inlay or onlay in place.

Invislaign or Clear Correct

With Invisalign or Clear Correct, FGD can straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth just a little bit at a time until you eventually get straight teeth. This service is perfect for those who would like to make minor adjustments to their smile without wearing metal braces.  For more information please visit www.Invisalign.com or  www.clearcorrect.com

Root Canals

Root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth instead of removing it. Dr. Nim does root canal treatment on anterior teeth and some premolars.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas as it's often called, can be used for our patients who are a bit more apprehensive. This patient friendly gas is used together with traditional anesthetic by inhaling it through a small mask placed over the nose. You are not put to sleep, simply made to feel a bit more relaxed. Patients do not require a driver after the procedure since the gas does not remain in your system when turned off.

Snoring Prevention Devices, Mouth Guards and Sports Guards

Snoring Prevention and Mouth Guards

Simply by taking an impression of your mouth, Fox Gentle Dentistry can formulate a device to aid you in a variety of situations. The Silent Night Guard can help relieve an evening of snoring. A Habit Therapy Appliance can prevent the wear and tear that grinding causes and the importance of wearing a mouth guard when participating in sports is immeasurable. The impressions taken in our office are sent to the lab and an appliance is specially made for your particular needs.

Other Laser Services

- Eliminating scalpels, stitches, and bleeding while accelerating healing:

Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

Also known as a canker sore, is a type of oral ulcer, which presents itself as a painful open sore inside the mouth or upper throat (including the uvula). It is caused by a break in the mucous membrane. Our laser treatments give immediate pain relief while sterilizing the area, obliterating the sore.


Treatment is performed with a laser which releases a restricting frenulum. A tight, restricting frenulum is a small fold of tissue that can cause gum recession, over exposing the front teeth putting them at risk of loss. Strong frenulum attachments also prevent the lips from moving properly which can effect speech or appearance. For infants this can contribute to improper latching during breast feeding.   All of these conditions can be corrected using topical or local anesthetic with a few gentle passes of the laser tip.  The laser cauterizes and sterilizes the tissue so there is no need for sutures and rapid healing is facilitated. Breast feeding can be resumed immediately following the procedure.

Ankyloglossia Treatment

Commonly known as tongue tied, this is a congenital oral anomaly which decreases mobility of the tongue tip due to a pronounced lingual freulum. For infants, this can cause difficulty or inability to breast feed.  Later in life this condition can cause speach impediments. Our laser treatment frees the tongue to move properly. Immediately after treatment, a hungry infant can properly latch and nurse.  The procedure is performed with application of topical or local anesthetic and a few gentle passes of the laser tip.  The laser cauterizes and sterilizes the tissue so there is no need for sutures and rapid healing is facilitated.

Fibroma Treatment

Laser treatment that removes lumps, disfigurations and abnormal growths from lips, cheeks and tongue that is caused by injury, infection and/or damaged blood vessles that won't go away. These groths can continue to grow over time. If you are biting your cheek, lip or tongue consistently, this treatment could correct it. 

Oral Biopsies

The removal of suspicious diseased or cancer areas for lab testing with a laser. Again, as with the other laser treatments, all without scalpels, stitches or bleeding.

Oral Cancer Sore Treatments

FGD laser technology treatments for oral cancer sores that are caused by chemo and radiation has been reported to give immediate pain relief to those that are suffering pain from it. FGD offers this treatment to the whole population at NO charge with a medical doctor's referral.